The Necessity for River Dredging in Ditoka

Urgent Call for the Dredging of Fijian Rivers

In response to the growing concern about the spate of floods witnessed in recent times, the leader of SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party), Viliame Gavoka, has emphasized the urgent need for the dredging of rivers. Mr. Gavoka voiced this need particularly for river-based communities in Fiji, citing the monetary and emotional havoc wreaked by these natural disasters.

Key Concerns

Gavoka stressed the impact excessive flooding has on agricultural practices. He noted the destruction of farm lands and produce, which not only lead to loss of income for farmers but also threaten food security. This is particularly the case in those communities where farming is predominantly the main source of livelihood.

Highlighting related environmental issues, he asserted that sedimentation and erosion, major contributors to flooding, are primarily due to the mining industry. Gavoka further attested to the fact that this process exacerbates the intensity of floods.

Proposed Solutions

In an effort to mitigate the frequent occurrence of floods, Gavoka proposed dredging as an efficient solution. He explained that dredging would help control the river flow, protect embankments, and decrease the risk of flooding.

Additionally, Gavoka suggested greater governmental oversight over the mining industry to reduce sedimentation and erosion. He urged the government not only to regulate mining procedures more strictly but also to offer support to affected farmers during this challenging period.

The Role of the Government

While the Fiji government has taken some measures to curb the flooding menace, Gavoka urged the authorities to do more. He pointed out the necessity of implementing long-term strategies and initiatives aimed at preventing extensive flooding, which include not just reactionary measures, but preventative tactics as well.

In conclusion, the leader of SODELPA, Viliame Gavoka, has urged the Fiji government to prioritize river dredging and enhance management of the mining sector, in order to reduce the occurrence and impact of floods on the country’s river-based communities. This is seen as a vital step towards safeguarding the country’s agriculture sector and securing the livelihood of its citizens.


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