“Qualified Veterinarians are Declining in Number”

Loss of Skilled Veterinarians in Fiji: An Emerging Issue

Fiji appears to be grappling with the loss of skilled veterinarians as qualified professionals are leaving for more lucrative opportunities abroad.

Departure of Vet Professionals

The subject was broached during a symposium organized by the Fiji Veterinary Association in Suva. There, it was disclosed that the country is seeing a significant shortfall. The Overseas Trained Veterinary Surgeons are overwhelmingly outnumbering veterinary surgeons trained in Fiji.

The Prospect for Fijian Vets

Expounding on the situation, Dr Sianakaisi Nainoca, president of the Fiji Veterinary Association, reported that Fijian vets are finding more valuable positions overseas. Due to the lack of funding in the sector, homegrown veterinarians are unable to see a sustainable future in staying.

Need for Government Intervention

Dr Nainoca called on the Fiji government and relevant stakeholders to acknowledge the depletion and address it promptly. He further emphasized that it was vital for the country to retain its own skilled vets.

Impact on Livestock Farming

The voting out of well-qualified veterinarians stands to have a profound impact on the country’s livestock farming industry. As it primarily relies on skilled vets to ensure animal health and food safety, their absence could potentially harm this critical sector.

Animal Welfare and Public Health

Interestingly, the issue goes beyond the agricultural industry in Fiji. The exodus is also causing concerns about animal welfare and public health. Vets are crucial in protecting communities against diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

In summary, Fiji is facing a predicament whereby an increasing number of its skilled veterinarians are seeking more profitable prospects abroad. This outflow underscores the necessity for intervention from the government and stakeholders to ensure the welfare of both its agricultural industry and public health. Without a robust collection of domestic veterinarians, the nation’s health could be at stake.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/we-are-losing-qualified-vets/

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