Fiji Corrections Service Looks to Boost Staff and Inmate Support with FNU Logo on Certificates

Fiji Corrections Service and FNU Collaboration Boosts Opportunity For Staff and Inmates

The Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) is hopeful that the inclusion of the Fiji National University (FNU) logo in the certificates of staff and inmates will augment their employment prospects and enhance their skills. This notable move is seen as a crucial step in paving the way for a better future for individuals involved in the country’s correctional system.

FCS/FNU Partnership Enhances Programs

The FCS has made significant strides through its collaboration with the FNU to provide vocational training and educational programs for correctional staff and inmates. Commissioner Francis Kean confirmed that these programs offered by FNU in the correctional facilities aim to enhance the education and skills of both staff and inmates.

Inclusion of FNU Logo in Certificates

In a new move designed to further enhance opportunities for staff and inmates, the FNU’s logo will now be included on the certificates of these learners. The FCS believes that this could amplify chances of employment after prison, as it provides evidence of accreditation and recognises the level of skills and knowledge gained.

The Importance of Upskilling

Education and training have always been pivotal in the rehabilitation strategy of the Fiji Corrections Service. The service is dedicated to providing ongoing training for staff while offering inmates the opportunity to pursue education and vocational skills during their time in custody. The objective is to equip inmates with the necessary skills that can aid them in securing a job after their prison term, subsequently reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

FNU Committed to Providing Education Access

The FNU has been instrumental in enhancing the accessibility of education and training beyond conventional settings. Its partnership with the Fiji Corrections Service exemplifies its commitment to extending educational opportunities to society’s crucial segments, including those in the correction system, dispelling the notion that education is only for the free.

The FCS/FNU collaboration reveals the holistic approach taken to correction and rehabilitation in Fiji. It underscores the vital role of education and vocational training in not just rehabilitative strategies, but also as a key contributor to reintegration and reducing recidivism.


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