Schools Set to Reopen Across the Country Tomorrow

Everything Set for Fiji Schools to Reopen

The Minister for Education, Heritage, and the Arts, Rosy Akbar, has confirmed that schools across Fiji will be reopening tomorrow. She made the decision following discussions with relevant stakeholders and consideration about how the reopening will influence students and staff’s health and wellbeing.

The Plan for School Reopening

Minister Akbar stressed the importance of following safety procedures outlined by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services during school operations to protect children, teachers, and the larger community against COVID-19. Additionally, students who are feeling unwell have been reminded to stay home rather than risk the health of other students and staff.

School Supplies to be Distributed

The Ministry of Education plans to distribute learning packages to the respective schools and students who may otherwise be left without resources to access education. These packages include exercise books, pens, textbooks, and other essential materials to facilitate learning.

School Buses to Resume Operation

Meanwhile, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has given the green light for school buses to resume operation in line with the reopening of schools. The LTA highlighted the need for bus operators to adhere to the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health, which include installing hand sanitizers in every bus and ensuring all passengers and drivers wear masks while onboard.

Proper Hygiene and Regular Screening

Minister Akbar reiterated the necessity for proper hygiene and regular health screening at schools. She stated that regular surveillance of students and staff’s health status is crucial, coupled with measures like the usage of hand sanitizers and masks, to keep everyone safe as schools reopen.

Parents Should Educate their Children

Additionally, she emphasized that parents also play a critical role in educating their children about health safety measures. They have been encouraged to remind their children about the importance of adhering to health and safety regulations such as wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent handwashing.

In summary, all schools across Fiji will reopen tomorrow, but with stringent health and safety measures in place. Both students and teachers are urged to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of every person on school premises.


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