Swiss Tripartite Delegation Attends ILC

Delegation of Three to Attend ILC in Switzerland

Parveen Kumar, Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, announced that a tripartite delegation will represent Fiji at the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Switzerland.

Delegation Composition

Members of the tripartite delegation are representatives of the Fiji government, workers and employers. This coalition underscores the collaborative effort of the three sectors in enhancing the welfare of Fiji’s workforce.

The Key Aim of the Conference

The conference bridges the deliberation between countries on issues of work and employment. The exchange of insights serves to formulate and effectuate global labor standards. At this juncture, the assembly will provide the Fijian delegation an opportunity to engage in dialogues with international counterparts, promoting the advancement of the country’s labor sector.

ILC’s Importance to Fiji

As a key participant, Fiji is intent on solidifying its stand in proactively addressing labor issues. Improving the quality of local work environments and developing labor laws in compliance with international standards is part of the goals. This trip provides an avenue for the delegation to put Fiji’s labor standards on a global spectrum, aiding in international recognition and alignment.

In Preparation for the Conference

The delegation is arming itself with empirical data gathered by the National Employment Centre (NEC) and the Productivity Centre of Fiji. These critical information sources will support the delegates’ discussions on regional and international platforms, further emphasizing the need for labor standards that are both equitable and take into account the nuances of different working environments.

Minister Kumar noted the significance of the conference, as it fosters insightful dialogues addressing issues surrounding work and employment from a global perspective.


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