Opportunity for Public Exposure

Fijian Students Receive a Unique Learning Opportunity

A novel initiative in Fiji’s education sector may serve as a crucial stepping stone for Fijian students in their technical and vocational education and training (TVET) journey. This initiative will offer them exposure to real-world industries, according to Atama Tamanilo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Imagine Fiji TV.

Industry Exposure and Practical Experience

Tamanilo lauded Fiji National University’s (FNU) vision to provide industrial attachments for students, which will offer them invaluable practical skills in their respective fields. Further, he described the importance of channeling these students into the real-world, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge, hone their technical skills, and better recognize the demand for professionals in their chosen domains.

Imagine Fiji TV’s Involvement

Imagine Fiji TV, a free-to-air educational channel, is working alongside FNU to create streamlined industry exposure opportunities for students. By integrating TVET students into different sectors, Tamanilo hopes to make their learning experience more dynamic, practical, and industry-relevant. The initiative will also give a broad view of the daily functionalities of various industries, helping the students understand their roles and responsibilities better.

Better Employability Prospects for Students

The collaboration between Imagine Fiji TV and FNU aims to bridge the gap between education and employment. Through industrial attachments, the initiative strives to enhance students’ employability prospects by giving them hands-on training and workplace experience. This sync between theoretical learning and practical skills will not only make them more competent but also align them better with the demands and expectations of the professional world.

Further Collaboration and Innovation Expected

The CEO of Imagine Fiji TV projected further collaborations with FNU for curriculum development and unveiling of innovative educational programs. He emphasized the need for educational television content that is not only informative but entertaining too, to capture students’ attention and make learning an engaging experience for them.

Vocational Training Encouragement

Tamanilo encouraged Fijian students to consider vocational training as it holds great potential in the diverse and evolving job market. Not only does vocational training offer a multitude of job opportunities, but it also provides students with specialized skills that can prove to be advantageous in their future endeavours.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/a-chance-for-exposure/

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