Fiji Airports Inks $13.2M Contract for System Modernisation of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

Fiji Airports Undertakes $132 Million Modernization Project

Fiji Airports has taken a major leap towards improving its Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems with a noteworthy contract worth $132 million.

Upgrading CNS Systems

The upgrade initiative comes within the commitments of the aviation board to maintaining the highest levels of safety, operations, and service excellence, reinforcing its global position in the industry. It is a step towards modernizing the Airports’ systems for maintaining and enhancing service performance and safety.

A Contract with Thales Australia

The Executive Chairman of Fiji Airports, Geoffery Shaw, announced the signing of the contract with Thales Australia, an eminent company known for its previous successful collaborations with other international airports. Shaw was optimistic about Thales Australia’s expertise benefitting Fiji Airports immensely, considering their robust track record in providing reliable and efficient CNS solutions.

Thales’ Track Record

Thales’ excellence in its field is beatified with its 40-year run of successful CNS system upgrades at over 170 airports worldwide, cementing them as a globally reliable CNS provider.

Importance of CNS Systems for Airports

CNS systems act as the vital cogs in the functionality of an airport, controlling all crucial operational aspects – communication, navigation, and surveillance. Upgrading these important systems will bolster Fiji Airports’ capabilities in managing its air traffic while ensuring maximum safety for all operators and passengers.

Support from Government

Throughout the process, the Fijian Government has continued its unwavering support to Fiji Airports in the form of grants and low-interest loans, showing its dedication to strengthening the country’s aviation industry. The Government’s backing has allowed for such a substantial investment, laying the groundwork for overall industry improvement and stability.

Undisrupted Services Amidst Upgrades

Despite the extensive system upgrades, Fiji Airports has assured that services will continue as usual without any interruptions. This is an indispensable assurance as they host more than 2 million passengers per annum and a significant disruption could affect a vast number of individuals and businesses.

The finalization of this agreement marks a significant milestone for Fiji Airports, as it continues to advance its aviation infrastructure, setting the stage for enhanced operational efficiencies, safety measures, and thriving business for years to come.


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