Prime Minister Distributes Food Supplies and Promises Aid in Flood-Hit Fiji

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka Distributes Food Rations in Flood-Affected Fiji

Fiji’s Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, recently carried out a food distribution exercise in the flood-affected countrysides of the island nation. The head of state delivered food supplies and offered reassurance to the citizens affected by the recent floods.

Assurance of Continued Support

In his visit, Rabuka assured the flood victims of his commitment to providing ongoing support until their situations stabilize. He confirmed that the Fijian Government would undertake necessary measures swiftly and efficiently to guarantee relief to the victims.

Distribution of Food Rations

The head of state led in the distribution of food rations to families in dire need. This move aimed at providing immediate relief to the households impacted by the floods. The exercise was carefully organized, ensuring each family received the necessary relief supplies to tide over until a restoration of normalcy.

Appreciation and Hope from Prime Minister Rabuka

Rabuka took the opportunity to express his profound gratitude to the various organizations, government agencies, and volunteers who, despite the ongoing pandemic, stepped forward to help those affected by the floods. He highlighted their collective efforts, reflecting his optimism about Fiji’s ability to overcome this crisis together.

He stated that through unity and collaboration, Fijians would conquer the challenges posed by the recent floods. He concluded by reiterating his promise of consistent support to those in difficulty and echoed the powerful spirit of resilience that the Fijian people continue to demonstrate.

Efforts Towards Flood Recovery

In his address, Rabuka pointed out that the government’s immediate response and the collective efforts of various agencies had enabled a swift launch of recovery initiatives. This has put Fiji on a steady path towards normalcy, despite the floods that brought life to a standstill in various parts of the country.

The flood recovery exercises underway underscore the Fijian Government’s commitment to ensuring that the flood-affected communities receive requisite support, restoring their livelihoods, and reducing their vulnerability to future disaster risks.


As Fiji treads the path to recovery following the devastating floods, Prime Minister Rabuka’s visit to the affected households highlights the government’s unwavering support during these challenging times. While the journey may be challenging, the spirit of unity exhibited by the Fijian people promises to brave the storm, restoring the island nation to its full glory.


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