Editor-in-Chief’s Briefing: Updates for March 24

Fiji Times News Briefing: March 24

Update on State Budget Discussions

In a recent update, it was mentioned that Prof Biman Prasad, the leader of the National Federation Party (NFP), has laid out certain suggestions concerning the State Budget. Despite differing views on many issues, it has been agreed that everyone should be involved in discussions revolving around the financial blueprint for the country.

COVID-19 and Vaccination Program

Regarding COVID-19, the Ministry of Health had reported no new cases as of March 24. This news came as a relief, especially with the ongoing vaccination program. It has been stressed that the AstraZeneca vaccine is critical in maintaining Fiji’s COVID-19 free status.

Outrage Over Alleged Racist Comments

Elsewhere, a rugby league player’s alleged racist comment against a Fijian player stirred outrage. The comment was directed at ex-Fiji Bati rep, Suliasi Vunivalu, during the weekend’s rugby match. The Queensland Rugby League and the National Rugby League took immediate action and are currently investigating the incident.

KAVA Initiates a New Project

Kava (Piper methysticum) for Enhanced Resilience (KAVA) project was recently launched in Lautoka. The project is focused on boosting the economic growth of kava farmers by providing them with assistance and necessary tools. The initiative is designed to uplift livelihoods in rural as well as maritime communities in Fiji.

Naitasiri Youth Awards

Naitasiri youths have been recognized for their community work, culture, and sports contributions at the first Naitasiri Provincial Youth Awards held at Colo-i-Suva. The award ceremony aimed to inspire young people to continue building and bettering their communities.

Concerns Over Littering Around the Capital City

Concern about littering around Fiji’s capital, Suva, has escalated. Discarded masks, takeaway containers, and beverage cans were found across the city, raising environmental and health concerns. The authorities have urged residents to adopt sustainable practices and dispose of waste responsibly to keep the city clean and safe.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/from-the-editor-in-chiefs-desk-your-march-24-briefing-3/

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