Gareth Baber Responds to SOS: Aims for Fiji’s Success

Gareth Baber Comebacks to Assist SVN’s Rugby

Gareth Baber has answered the call for help to push Fiji towards rugby victory. The experienced and successful rugby coach has decided to take up the reins again and bring the Fiji national team up to world-standard levels.

Gareth Baber’s Goals for Fiji Rugby

“Gareth Baber just wants Fiji to be successful,” the Welshman, who has recently resumed control of Fiji’s sevens outfit, said. After coaching the Pacific Islanders to Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020, Baber is now willing to face the challenges coming Fiji’s way with Fiji Rugby Union and World Rugby facing immense pressure to get the sevens game back on its feet quickly.

Fiji Sevens Rugby Postponed

Many planned Sevens Series competitions globally were cancelled due to Covid-19, affecting Fiji’s chance to shine. This has resulted in a lapse in games and tournaments, impacting the development and progress of players and teams in the rugby world.

The Crucial Role of Financing in Rugby

Coaching is just one aspect of a team’s success. Another significant part of the sporting equation is financing. Funding can improve rugby facilities and help manage travel and accommodation for the players, which has been one of the biggest challenges due to pandemic-related complications.

A Journey Back Home for Baber

On the bright side, Baber’s comeback means reuniting with his family in Fiji after spending months in the UK. His return has been warmly welcomed by the Fijian rugby community, indicating strong support for Baber’s mission for Fiji’s rugby success.

Gareth Baber, aiming for sustainable success, remarks, “For so long, Fiji has struggled to get some consistency in its rugby programming and performance, and I want to help change that.”

Aiming for Greater Global Success

Today, Fiji sevens rugby needs to strengthen its international performance and reputation. Rugby fans are waiting for Fiji to regain its spot in international rugby by delivering incredible games under the eye of the seasoned coach Gareth Baber.

While Fiji tackles local and global rugby challenges, it needs to prepare for postponements, financing, international obligations, and the return of international rugby. With Baber back in the rugby union, the nation can eagerly anticipate a resurgence of the fire and passion they are known for in the world of rugby.


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