Mark Predicts Drua’s Aggressive Performance

Mark Drua Embarks on Fired Up Season

Mark Drua, the Fijian Drua Rugby’s head coach, promises an engaging and high-energy season, brimming with aggressive gameplays and tactics. Anticipating a robust competition within the Super Rugby Pacific competition, Drua remarks that the USP (University of the South Pacific) test on February 22 will be highly revealing about the team’s proficient measures and strategies for the upcoming season.

Striving for a Remarkable Season

Relying on intensive training sessions and the team’s resolve, Drua expects to debut a game plan that would leave the rivals standing in awe. Drua has high hopes for the team and believes that the vigorous week on week preparation will yield positive results.

Drua Applies Stringent Efforts

The Drua’s coach asserts that the past few weeks were focused on the squad’s physique and mental preparedness. Esteeming the physical conditions that the matches might demand, Drua organized intensive training in tropical conditions to simulate the potential challenges players may face on the field. This method is a part of Drua’s key agenda to procure successful outcomes in the matches.

Optimistic Unveiling of New Players

While Drua’s squad is predominantly composed of players who excel in the NRC (National Rugby Championship), the coach is enthusiastic about showcasing other intriguing additions to the team. These players, who will be formally introduced within the week, are expected to make a significant impact within the team and display engaging abilities that promise to enthrall rugby enthusiasts.

High Hopes for Forward Pack

Drua himself is thrilled about the squad’s forward pack who made a notable impression during the training session. He believes that with their sheer dedication and prowess, these players are ready to conquer the field and deliver high-impact performances.

The upcoming rugby season with the unique tactics of Mark Drua and his enthusiastic team is set to keep fans and foes alike at the edge of their seats. With Drua’s new game plan and confident approach, everyone can expect an exhilarating and charged season ahead.


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