Drua Women Prepare for upcoming Showdown

Fijian Drua Women Prepare for Crucial Rugby Showdown

The Fijian Drua women’s rugby team is all set for an intense rugby match. This comes after an impressively exhaustive and rigorous training session to ensure their preparedness.

Focusing on their Game

The team’s coach, Senirusi Seruvakula has his eyes fixed on honing the women’s skills in anticipation of the upcoming clash. Leaving no stone unturned, Seruvakula is ensuring that the Drua women dominate in every area of the game. He believes that honing their skills is a crucial aspect of winning the game and the practice has been reflecting the same.

Influencing Australian Rugby

The coach also mentioned how the team’s participation is influencing rugby in Australia. The Fijian Drua women, just like their male counterparts, are creating a major influence in the Australian rugby scene, with their performances sparking interest and gathering a big following.

Training Throughout Christmas

Under the watchful eyes of Seruvakula, the dedicated team of women player is bracing for the showdown that lies ahead, persevering through their training even during the festive Christmas and New Year period. He admires the commitment and determination of the women players to aim for victory.

In a bid to tighten up their performance, the Fijian Drua women’s team is not letting soft sports or relaxation lure them away from their ultimate goal. On the contrary, they are using the festive break to their advantage, inducting intensive training regimes to steal a march on their opponents.

Expectations from the Team

Seruvakula has high expectations from his team. He is confident that their hard work will pay off, ensuring them to be in their top form for the showdown. Going by their recent training session, it can indeed be expected that the Fijian Drua women’s team will deliver a performance to be remembered. The team’s solidarity, determination, and the heightened skills they have acquired through rigorous practice are just the right ingredients for a winning recipe.

As the crucial rugby showdown approaches, it is clear that the Fijian Drua women have equipped themselves with the right skills and are ready to take on the challenge. Amidst the tension lies excitement, anticipation and the indomitable spirit of the Fijian Drua women, ready to carve a niche in the world of Women’s Rugby.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/drua-women-brace-for-showdown/

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