Agriculturalists Express Concern Over Potential Losses

Fijian Farmers Express Concern over Potential Financial Ruin

Farming communities around Fiji are revealing worries about their looming economic instability in the wake of the reduced productivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Farmers Address Financial Woes

Fijian farmers are expressing concerns about their future livelihoods. Decreased farm productivity and the subsequent impact on their income has put the spotlight on their financial sustainability during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Desire for Government Intervention

Farmers are calling for the government to step in and provide the necessary financial support to combat these challenging times. They are specifically expecting necessary interventions such as subsidies or grant assistance to help them weather the monetary storms stirred up by the pandemic.

Impact on Farming Capacity

The pandemic has not only directly affected the income of farmers but has also impacted their capacity to farm. Many have been forced to scale down their operation drastically due to the enhanced subsequent impacts along the agricultural chain supply.

Deteriorating Market Prices

Existing market prices are plunging and making matters even worse for farmers. Farmers claim that the market rate for their agricultural produce has dropped, increasing their financial worries.

In Summary

Farmers in Fiji continue to navigate a series of daunting challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. The downturn in farm productivity, impacted income, decreased market prices, and their reduced capacity for farming are situations prompting serious concern. Farmers are imploring the government to step in with financial aid to help ameliorate their precarious position. Without such support, they fear the potential of facing an economic downfall that could have devastating effects on their livelihoods and the overall agricultural sector in Fiji.


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