Confirmation of Complaint Reception by FEO

Election Office Acknowledges Receiving Complaint

The Fijian Election Office (FEO) confirmed it received a complaint, as stated in a report from the Fiji Times.

FEO’s Declaration

Fiji’s election supervised body, FEO, acknowledges receipt of a complaint without further details on the issue. The FEO affirms that it is examining the complaint in accordance with the Fijian electoral laws and processes.

Evaluation Process Ongoing

Reports suggest that the FEO is dedicated to assessing all complaints impartially. By strictly adhering to the electoral processes and regulations, FEO will ensure fairness and accuracy in its evaluation. Currently, there are no specific details shared about the complaint or the identities of those involved.

Due Process Being Followed

The FEO asserts its resolution to follow the due process as outlined by the Fijian electoral laws in handling the complaint. The Election Office is bound by law to ensure all procedures and statutory demands are followed as required.

Confidentiality of Case Information

Owing to the potential sensitive nature of election-related complaints, the details regarding the particular case are kept confidential. This cautious approach undertaken by the FEO ensures the safeguarding of all parties’ rights, respects privacy, and upholds impartiality throughout the process.

In summary, the Fijian Election Office confirms receipt of a complaint and is currently scrutinizing the matter, adhering to all the outlined processes under the Fijian electoral laws. All further information on the case remains undisclosed to maintain faith in the electoral process.


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