Fiji Receives New Patrol Boat

Fiji Welcomes New Guardian-class Patrol Boat

Fiji recently added a new Guardian-class patrol vessel to their fleet. The addition of the new boat, supplied by Australia, signifies a new chapter in the maritime security collaboration between the two Pacific nations.

Strengthening Maritime Surveillance and Security

The new fleet addition, named RFNS Savenaca, is set to play a crucial role in strengthening maritime surveillance and security for Fiji. Securing Fiji’s vast maritime territories, monitoring illegal fishing, and performing search and rescue operations are some of the important duties this vessel will undertake.

Australia’s Pacific Maritime Security Program

The RFNS Savenaca vessel is a part of Australia’s Pacific Maritime Security Program, a major foreign aid initiative aimed at bolstering maritime security for Pacific Island nations. This boat is the eighth Guardian-class patrol vessel delivered under this initiative, implying that the program continues to make great strides in improving maritime security in the region.

Features of the RFNS Savenaca

Equipped with significant capabilities, the RFNS Savenaca boasts features such as improved sea-keeping ability, better crew accommodation, and a greater engine life, providing Fiji with a considerable maritime advantage. The vessel also comes with a mission-specific gear like a 30mm caliber gun, a high-speed pursuit boat, and a dedicated space for flying drones.

Marking Fiji and Australia’s Historic Relationship

The delivery of the new patrol boat marks an important milestone in the strong and enduring maritime partnership between Fiji and Australia. The two nations share not only common security priorities but also a commitment to upholding peace and stability in the Pacific region.

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, John Feakes, expressed his pleasure during the handover of RFNS Savenaca, saying that it marks a ‘new chapter’ in the security partnership between the two countries.

The overall enhancement of Fiji’s maritime capabilities aligns with Australia’s broader priority of ensuring a peaceful, secure, and prosperous Pacific. This strategy is set to continuously enhance maritime security and surveillance operations, contributing to regional stability and environmental sustainability.


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