Fiji Continues to Face Heavy Rain Warning

Fiji Still Under Heavy Rain Alert

Fiji’s residents continue to experience heavy rainfall, with a standing warning issued for the entire archipelago.

Persistent Rain Expected

Despite disruption to normal life, the Fiji Meteorological Service anticipates that the rain will continue. All areas of Fiji have been facing substantial pouring for some time now, and it seems there is no immediate respite in sight.

Expected Weather Conditions

According to synoptic situations, the slow-moving trough of low pressure remains over Fiji. As a result, there have been associated cloud showers and thunderstorms. The weather forecasts for various locations in Fiji largely include heavy rain, flooding of low-lying areas, and simultaneously, active cloud bands are moving over the group.

Appeal to the Public

In light of the ongoing weather conditions, authorities have issued a plea to citizens, particularly those living in flood-prone and low-lying areas. They urge residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions due to the ongoing rain. It’s crucial to monitor weather reports and advisories for possible flood alerts or any other weather disturbances.

In conclusion, the heavy rain alert for Fiji continues to pose challenges. The Meteorological service urges all citizens to stay safe, stay alert, and keep updated with the changing weather conditions.


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