Australian Ship Building Experts Expected to Meet with Government

Fiji Government to Collaborate with Australian Shipping Industry Experts

The government of Fiji is preparing for a high-level meeting with Australian ship-building experts with the goal of learning and enhancing its local ship industry.

Partnership Objectives

The specific aim of this collaboration is to harness Australian expertise in the area of ship construction. This strategic move reflects the Fijian government’s commitment to advancing its maritime sector through international partnerships.

By gaining valuable inputs from experienced Australian shipbuilders, Fiji can significantly improve its local ship-building industry. The insights and best practices from the Australian experts can help shape Fiji’s maritime policies and practices, contribute to economic growth, and drive the creation of job opportunities within the sector.

High-Level Delegation Meeting

This initiative is facilitated through a high-level meeting between Fijian government representatives and Australian ship-building experts. The exact schedule of the meeting has yet to be announced, but its agenda is anticipated to cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the ship-building industry.

As this partnership unfolds, it’s expected to fortify the ties between Fiji and Australia in terms of maritime cooperation, thus paving the way for future bilateral collaborations.

Boosting the Fijian Maritime Industry

The planned meeting and partnership with the Australian specialists indicate the Fijian Government’s continuous efforts to elevate its maritime industry. This move indicates a strategic direction towards modernization and internationalization of Fiji’s ship-building capability.


The move to collaborate with Australian ship-building experts is a positive step for the Fijian maritime sector. By learning from these seasoned specialists, Fiji aspires to enhance its own ship-building industry, therefore driving economic growth and creating more job opportunities in the nation. This collaboration shows a promising direction towards strengthening the relations between Fiji and Australia in terms of maritime practices.


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