Empowering Students: IDADAIT Program Success at Liwativale Primary

Nestled among stunning mountains, lush rainforests, and flowing rivers, Liwativale Primary School in Nawairuku, Ra offers an ideal learning environment for its students.

Last week, the students at Liwativale Primary School participated in an educational session about the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (IDADAIT). The National Substance Abuse Advisory Council’s (NSAAC) acting CEO, Josua Naisele, was invited to speak to the students, addressing issues such as drug abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment, social media, mental health, bullying, and violence.

The students and teachers received the message well, as it was presented in a way that made the significance and consequences of these issues clear and understandable. Mr. Naisele mentioned that the council has been visiting schools to raise awareness during the annual IDADAIT Week.

School head Inoke Sesebualala expressed gratitude for the visit from the NSAAC’s acting CEO. He noted that the students’ reactions indicated their increased understanding of these issues, suggesting they could now share this knowledge within their homes.

“Our Year 8 students, as they transition to high school, now understand the importance of avoiding problems like drugs, bullying, and negative peer influence,” he said. “We are thankful to those who traveled from Suva to deliver this important message during IDADAIT Week. We also appreciate hearing about what is happening in urban schools.”

Additionally, the school welcomed a team from St Giles Psychiatric Hospital and a church representative during IDADAIT Week.

School head boy Tomasi Nanuqa, aged 13, shared that he learned the importance of avoiding drugs and the potential side effects. “I learned about protecting myself from sexual harassment or abuse and how to report inappropriate actions to an adult,” he said.

Head girl Adi Marica Naiqaru emphasized the importance of not following peers who engage in smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. “I must resist peer pressure, especially as I enter high school next year,” she said. “The message shared today has motivated me to avoid such behaviors and strive to become successful.”

Students were reminded to respect others, avoid fighting, and listen to their elders both in school and in their communities. This year’s IDADAIT week theme was “Be Responsible, Make the Right Choice and Stay Away from Drugs.”

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