Future Leaders Shine Bright: Rarawai FSC Kindergarten Celebrates ECE Week

Rarawai FSC Kindergarten in Ba celebrated Early Childhood Education and Care (ECE) Week on Monday with a lively costume parade. Under the theme “Igniting Creativity and Innovation in the Early Years,” 26 young students dressed in career costumes, expressing their future aspirations.

The event aimed to inspire early childhood educators, promote career pathways, and champion equity. Acting corporal Vipendharan from the Ba Police Station served as the chief guest, addressing the vital responsibilities of parents and emphasizing student safety.

“Good to see parents present, you take the best responsibility towards your children, they are very important to us,” he said. He also reminded children to follow safety rules, such as not accepting things from strangers and not playing with fire.

Teacher-in-charge Vasemaca Nabuta highlighted the importance of ECE, noting it as a critical period for learning and development. “In these early years, children learn through loving, trusting, respectful relationships and through discussion, exploration, and play,” she said.

The day was packed with fun and entertainment, featuring performances and discussions on career topics where children eagerly shared their future ambitions.

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