Empowering Futures: CMF College Launches Vocational Program

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Christian Mission Fellowship (CMF) College launched a new vocational program at the school last week.

The vocational courses aim to equip youth with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in society.

CMF church founder and president, Reverend Suliasi Kurulo, had the honor of launching the vocational program.

Rev. Kurulo described the occasion as momentous, highlighting it as a significant step in their mission to empower individuals with essential skills relevant in today’s dynamic world.

“In this journey as a community, we have always been guided by the principles of faith, hope, and love — these values are at the core of our mission and serve as the foundation upon which this vocational program is built,” he said.

“This vocational program is more than just an educational initiative; it is a testament to our commitment to creating opportunities for all.”

Rev. Kurulo emphasized that education is a transformative tool that opens doors, breaks down barriers, and paves the way for a better future.

He noted that vocational training would provide individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce, enabling them to support their families and contribute to Fiji’s growth and prosperity.

“Vocational education plays a crucial role in our societies by providing practical, hands-on training that prepares students for a wide range of careers,” he added.

CMF College principal, Maikali Benaca, stated that vocational education aims not only to impart knowledge and practical skills but also to help students build a brighter future.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us in this journey, especially the CMF International Church, the congregation, our faculty, staff, students, community, and partners. Your unwavering commitment has made this day possible,” he said.

“The CMF church and school continuously strive to address the pressing needs of Nasinu effectively.”

He stressed that the current educational challenges demand adaptation and prioritization beyond merely educating children.

Benaca described vocational training as a beacon of hope for youth, representing an opportunity for prosperity and harmony within the Nasinu community. He acknowledged education as a pivotal tool in navigating the complexity of the modern world.

“It is crucial not only for the growth and development of our community but for the development and betterment of humankind,” he emphasized.

The school will initially provide vocational training in carpentry and joinery, welding, and hospitality, with plans to expand its course offerings in the future.

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