Inside the Life of Abigail: A Home-Schooled Village Star

A video that went viral on Facebook last month featuring Abigail Serenity Radrodro provides a glimpse into the life of a young girl who is home-schooled in Bucalevu Village, Nakorotubu, Ra.

The video, which garnered over 24,000 reactions, 831 comments, 2,500 shares, and 544,000 plays, showcases Abigail’s daily activities with her family.

The seven-year-old, with paternal ties to Mua Village in Batiki and maternal ties to Saioko Village in Nakorotubu, Ra, receives her education at home, unlike most children.

Home schooling has allowed Abigail to learn naturally and gain deeper insights into her family’s way of life and their community’s self-reliance.

Her daily activities range from gathering firewood, harvesting crops, farming, cooking, ploughing, and weeding, incorporating a mix of traditional and modern learning.

Abigail’s day begins with getting out of bed, saying a prayer, tidying up her bed, brushing her teeth and hair, and dressing in church clothes for morning devotion.

Following the family devotion, she enjoys a cup of lemongrass tea with breakfast before starting her home-schooling lessons.

After her lessons, Abigail takes a break with her pet and toys before resuming her second session of learning.

The latter part of her day involves engaging in inspirational activities with her parents and grandparents, which are part of her school curriculum.

When asked about helping her family, Abigail expressed happiness in assisting and learning simultaneously.

Her mother, Livia Adi Tukana Tamani, highlighted the health benefits of home schooling.

“It’s a much healthier alternative as she is not surrounded by unhealthy things. Home school teaches her that life can be enjoyed without money, and most importantly, she learns to experience God’s presence in nature,” Tamani said.

Mrs. Tamani noted that her daughter enjoys her daily chores combined with lessons.

“The home school program focuses more on character development so she can learn values that motivate and help her in life,” she explained.

She expressed contentment in knowing her daughter is acquiring survival skills and day-to-day responsibilities.

“I am happy to see her curiosity and eagerness to learn, and I am proud knowing that she is my daughter.”

Mrs. Tamani shared the video on social media to put a smile on people’s faces and remind them of the Fijian way of life, which she described as simple, inexpensive, and much healthier.

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