Waratahs position Nawaqanitawase on wing in preparation for historic Fiji game

Nawaqanitawase Returns to Wing Position as Waratahs Gear up for Landmark Fiji Match

Mark Nawaqanitawase, the speedy winger from the NSW Waratahs team, is making a shift back to his preferred position on the wing. This tactical move is part of the Waratahs’ preparation for an historical game in Fiji.

The Decision to Move Nawaqanitawase Back to the Wing

Darren Coleman, the head coach of the Waratahs, made the strategic decision to move Nawaqanitawase back to wing, his initial position where he garnered impressive accolades. This move comes after an experimental phase in the fullback position, which showcased Nawaqanitawase’s versatility, but also revealed the advantages of his original post.

Anticipation Builds for Waratahs’ Unprecedented Fiji Game

The Waratahs are gearing up for what is slated to be a historic match in Fiji, being the first Super Rugby Pacific team to play a home game in the Pacific Islands. This landmark game represents a significant step in involving Pacific Island nations more extensively in Super Rugby, and the anticipation is building both within the team and among rugby fans.

Changes in the Waratahs’ Line-Up

Apart from Nawaqanitawase’s repositioning, other adjustments have also been implemented in the Waratahs’ line-up. Lock Carlo Tizzano has been reintroduced into the starting XV, while fly-half Will Harrison makes his anticipated return.

Expectations on the Ground in Fiji

The Waratahs are expected to draw a huge crowd for their historic game in Fiji, which will be played in the National Stadium in Suva. Owing to its popularity in the region, the match is expected to make a significant impact in terms of promoting rugby and further integrating Pacific Island nations into Super Rugby.

The NSW Waratahs’ strategic positioning changes, and the much-awaited game in Fiji promises to offer substantial excitement for rugby fans.

Source: https://www.rugbypass.com/news/nawaqanitawase-back-to-wing-as-waratahs-prepare-for-historic-game-in-fiji/

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