New Fijian Restaurant Opens in Former Sacramento Furniture Store Site

New Fijian Eatery Emerges in the Heart of South Sacramento

Adding to the vibrant culinary landscape of South Sacramento, a new restaurant, Curry Bowl Express, proudly presents an authentic taste of Fiji with its recent opening. Taking root in a former furniture store on Mack Road, the eatery is the newest gastronomic venture in the area.

Delicious Culinary Experience from Fiji to California

Tasting Fiji in California becomes easier with the opening of Curry Bowl Express. A few favorites from the menu include the ‘Curry Bowl Express Special,’ a platter of juicy chicken, succulent lamb, and delectable fish curry served with rice, and a refreshing side salad. The eatery also offers delights like the ‘Lamb Palusami,’ a traditional Fijian dish featuring succulent lamb slow-cooked with coconut milk and taro leaves. For delighting vegetarians, offerings include the ‘Vegetable Curry Bowl’ along with a range of mouthwatering appetizers.

An Aesthetic Transformation of Space

The decor of Curry Bowl Express carries a minimalistic aesthetic while retaining elements of comfort and warmth. With its stunning transformation, the former furniture store on Mack Road now vibrates with vivacious hospitality and contemporary design, creating a casual, inviting space that delivers an extraordinary dining experience.

The Driving Force behind Curry Bowl Express

The brainchild of Deep Singh, Curry Bowl Express is a result of his 30-year culinary journey. The establishment showcases his commitment to offer an array of authentic Fijian flavors to South Sacramento. His passion for bringing the vibrant dishes of his Fijian heritage to the tables of America is visibly reflected in the extensive menu of the restaurant.

Fresh Ambience with Safety Measures

In response to COVID-19 protocols, Curry Bowl Express has implemented all necessary safety measures in accordance with public health guidelines. This includes offering a takeout service for their delicious fare, ensuring that even in these challenging times, a taste of Fiji can be enjoyed safely in South Sacramento.

Food as a Cultural Exchange

Curry Bowl Express represents more than just a dining venue. It acts as a cultural exchange station where the traditions of Fiji are honored, shared, and savored. The opening of this eatery enriches Sacramento’s culinary diversity, inviting everyone to embark on a tasteful journey exploring Fijian cuisine.

Revitalizing the Local Economy

Beyond offering mouthwatering flavors, Curry Bowl Express also contributes to vibrant economic activity by revitalizing a location that once housed a furniture store. It represents another investment in South Sacramento’s dining scene, along with offering employment opportunities, thus boosting the local economy.

The opening of Curry Bowl Express is a testament to the multicultural culinary expression of South Sacramento, setting a new benchmark for Fijian cuisine in California.


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