Waratahs Cautious of Outspoken Fijians

Fiji Islanders’ Chanting a Concern For Waratahs

The New South Wales Waratahs, an Australian rugby union team, has expressed concerns over the thunderous chants of Fijian rugby fans in their Intrust Super Cup clash with the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua. This energy from the fans known as the ‘Bati Ni Tanoa’ – or the enemies’ challenge – listeners described as “like someone sounding a drum.”

Waratahs Discussed Strategies Ahead of the Match

Ahead of their clash with the Fijians, the Waratahs discussed addressing the unique challenge posed by the lively Fijian supporters in their meetings. The team spokesperson confirmed that their focus was not only on the in-ground tactics but also how to tackle the off-field dynamics – including handling the vocal Fijians’ energy.

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua’s Fan Base

The Drua’s fans notably marked their entrance into the Intrust Super Cup. The Fijians’ chanting and singing performances have added to the atmosphere at matches, providing a unique and memorable experience for the players as well as the spectators. Despite the challenges it posed, the Waratahs also acknowledged it as a distinctive component of the sport that adds to the excitement on game days.

Importance of Crowd Support

The Waratahs acknowledged the importance of the Fijians’ support for their team, suggesting that it’s an integral part of rugby culture that contributes significantly to the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua’s success. As such, the Waratahs have been encouraged to develop their strategies, considering these factors for future encounters.

In conclusion, the Drua’s energetic and noisy fan base may present a challenge for their opponents, but this also represents the cultural richness of rugby as demonstrated by the Fiji Islanders. Fulfilling the need for a strategic approach when facing such unique dynamics illustrates the multi-faceted nature of sports – extending beyond the strict in-field activities and capturing the ambiance of the match-day experience.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/waratahs-wary-of-vocal-fijians/

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