USA Presidential Medal Awarded to Fijian Philanthropist

Fijian Philanthropist Honored with Presidential Medal in the USA

Renowned Fijian philanthropist and sportsman, Veena Kumar, has been presented the American Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Veena Kumar’s Impactful Endeavors

Veena Kumar is widely recognized for his charity work, stemming from his dedicated engagement with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He received the prestigious award in recognition of his incessant efforts towards humanitarian causes both within and outside of Fiji.

Kumar’s Sports and Charity Interests

In addition to his charitable initiatives, Veena Kumar is also known as an ardent sports supporter. He has regularly participated in numerous sports activities in Fiji and around the world, furthering his efforts towards community building and engagement.

Recognition by the American Government

The USA’s Presidential Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious honor given to individuals who have significantly contributed to their communities through sustained volunteer efforts. Having recorded over 1,100 hours of volunteer service, Kumar’s dedication to improving lives and fostering community spirit is now globally acknowledged.

Kumar’s Reaction to the Honor

Upon receiving the award, Veena Kumar pointed out that everyone can make a difference in their community through volunteer work. He urged people to engage in activities that impact their surroundings positively – a testament to his spirit and dedication towards helping others.


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