Two Individuals Enter Not Guilty Plea to Charges

Fijians Tevita Qaqanivalu and Isoa Raikoso deny charges

In recent news, two Fiji citizens, Tevita Qaqanivalu and Isoa Raikoso, have taken a stand against the charges that have been laid against them. Both individuals have publicly stated they are not guilty of the alleged offenses.

Nadi Magistrates Court Proceedings

During the proceedings at the Nadi Magistrates Court, Tevita Qaqanivalu bravely denied his involvement in a case of obtaining financial advantage by deception. The alleged act is reported to have taken place on June 1, 2021, following which, Qaqanivalu was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

Details of Qaqanivalu’s Charges

According to the details disclosed in court, Qaqanivalu allegedly obtained financial gain by illicit means, cheating a certain Mr. Bikramjit Singh. The claim made against Qaqanivalu states that he acquired $705 under fraudulent pretenses.

Denial of Charges by Raikoso

Isoa Raikoso is another Fijian who has become entangled with the law, facing charges laid by the FICAC. However, like Qaqanivalu, Raikoso has denied committing the alleged offenses.

Charges against Raikoso

Raikoso is held accountable for a case of alleged impersonation involving a public official on December 9, 2020. In addition, Raikoso also stands accused of using forged documents to maliciously deceive. As claimed by FICAC, Raikoso used these documents to mislead yet another individual, Mr. Praneel Prasad.

The Next Steps in the Court Process

As it stands, Tevita Qaqanivalu and Isoa Raikoso remain firm in their stance that they are innocent. Both cases have been adjourned for mention on September 1st where the proceedings are set to continue. The frequent updates regarding the ongoing trials will undoubtably capture the interest of the Fijian public and beyond.


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