Fiji Schools Shuttered Today

School Closures All Over Fiji Today

All educational institutions across Fiji are having a day off today in response to heavy rain and subsequent flooding. This decision was made by the Ministry of Education, Heritage, and Arts as a precautionary measure for the safety and security of students and school staff.

The Announcement by the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Heritage, and Arts has officially declared a shutdown of all schools across Fiji for the entirety of the day. The decision arises from the potential risk due to severe weather conditions, primarily heavy rainfall and consequent flooding. The ministry made this decision in the best interests of the students and school staff, ensuring their safety.

Warnings for Residents

The Fiji Meteorological Service has issued a flash flood alert for low-lying areas, streams, and rivers in Fiji. The residents have been urged to remain vigilant of the weather updates and to take immediate action when necessary to safeguard their lives and properties. The Roads and Maritime Services has also warned of possible traffic disruptions due to poor weather conditions.

Prime Minister’s Appeal

The Prime Minister of Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama, has expressed his concerns over the situation and urged everyone to be safe. He has appealed to the people of Fiji to stay indoors and refrain from unnecessary travelling, securing their properties, and keeping their surroundings clean to mitigate risks associated with the heavy rains.

Schools Anticipated to Resume Normal Functioning

Following today’s closure, all schools across Fiji are expected to resume as usual tomorrow. However, further information in this regard will be communicated by the Ministry of Education based on weather assessments.

With everyone’s safety and well-being as their top priority, the Ministry of Education, Heritage, and Arts is proactively managing the situation. Everyone in Fiji is advised to remain on high alert, and to make sure they keep updated with the latest news on the weather situation and subsequent school operations.


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