Taxi Driver Found Dead, Safety Concerns Rise Among Fellow Drivers

Fiji Taxi Drivers Express Concern Over Safety Following Murder of Colleague

The Fiji community of taxi drivers is dealing with shock and fear after one of their own was found brutally murdered in early October 2021. The gruesome incident has brought to the forefront concerns over their personal safety during work hours.

The Victim Identified

The murder victim has since been identified as Sakaraia Lesuma, a 35-year-old taxi driver residing in Suva. His death has led to outrage and fear among his colleagues.

Body Found In Mossy Forest

According to the Fiji Police Force, Lesuma’s lifeless body was found in a bushy forest area known as Verevere. The autopsy report concluded that he died due to multiple injuries.

Increasing Taxi Driver Fear Condition

Local taxi drivers have been quite vocal about their increasing fear for personal safety. They state that the risks associated with their profession have been amplified after Lesuma’s tragic demise. The drivers feel helpless in the face of incidents like these, which leave them questioning their safety while on duty.

Suva Taxi Operators Association’s Calls For Safety Measures

The Suva Taxi Operators Association has voiced their concern over the incident and called for immediate measures to ensure the safety of taxi drivers in the nation. The recently held annual general meeting focused on the importance of safety measures and urged authorities to take swift action.

Police Investigation Is Ongoing

According to Fiji Police Force spokesperson, Ana Naisoro, the investigation surrounding Lesuma’s death is ongoing. She urged the public to come forward with any information that could aid in the probe.

Ministry of Transport’s Promise For Change

Responding to the incident, Fiji’s Ministry of Transport assured that measures are currently being taken to enhance the safety of taxi drivers. They highlighted the forthcoming installation of GPS-enabled meters as one of the strategies to ensure the safety of drivers.

In summary, the recent brutal murder of a taxi driver in Fiji has raised grave concerns about the personal safety of individuals working in this line of service. As the police investigates, industry representatives and the government have started to explore ways to enhance safety measures for taxi operators within the country.


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