Fijian PM issues flood warning caution

Prime Minister Calls on Fijians to Heed Flood Warnings

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has recently urged Fijians to take heed of flood warnings for the safety of their communities and loved ones.

Public Urged to Pay Attention to Weather Reports

The Prime Minister expressed his concern over a possible downpour and advised Fijians to pay attention to weather reports. Rabuka emphasized the importance of remaining cautious during this period and urged everyone to listen to the instructions from the authorities.

Cooperation with National Disaster Management Office

Bainimarama also mentioned the role of the National Disaster Management Office in issuing critical information. The Prime Minister urged Fijians to actively cooperate with them to ensure safety during the potential danger of a flooding disaster.

Authorities in Action amidst Flood Alerts

Amidst the potential flooding conditions, the authorities have cleared drains and water passages to minimise risk. The Prime Minister also assured that they are working to ensure the road networks remain unobstructed.

Assurance of Government’s Preparedness

Whilst advising citizens to cooperate, Bainimarama also assured that the government stands ready to face any possible outcomes of the impending weather changes. Highlighting the preparedness of the government to encounter any natural disasters, he confirmed that the state is equipped to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people of Fiji.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has called on Fijians to remain attentive to flood warnings, cooperate with the National Disaster Management Office and follow their guidance. He assured the country’s readiness to handle any potential fallout from the imminent weather changes.


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