Strategies for Rejuvenating the Bamboo Industry

Fiji Government Maps Strategy to Resurrect Bamboo Sector

The Fijian government aims to breathe new life into the country’s bamboo industry. A meeting held recently brought together representatives from the Ministry of Forestry and Fiji’s private sector to discuss the potential prospects and challenges of revitalising this valuable sector.

Ministry of Forestry Stresses Sustainability and Economic Value

Osea Naiqamu, the Minister for Forestry, emphasized how the bamboo industry could offer economical and sustainable solutions for Fiji. By reenergizing this sector, Naiqamu believes it would provide material for housing, create job opportunities, while contributing positively to Fiji’s economy.

The minister also highlighted how the bamboo industry could address climate change issues, through carbon sequestration – the process whereby carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and stored in bamboo plants and soils.

Private Sector Collaboration Needed to Drive Initiative

For the reinvigoration of the bamboo sector to succeed, collaboration with the private sector and other stakeholders is key. By pooling resources and adopting best practices, the country could transform the bamboo sector into an economically viable and environmentally friendly industry.

In this respect, the meeting representatives urged the private sector to invest in bamboo plantations and processing plants, which form the foundation of the bamboo industry. These investments would lead to job creation, and increase Fiji’s potential to export high-quality bamboo products to international markets.

A Long-term Industrial Plan Needed

This joint government-private sector initiative calls for formulating a comprehensive long-term industrial plan for Fiji’s bamboo industry. Such a plan would ensure that the growth of the sector is inclusive, sustainable, and most importantly, profitable. It would provide guidance on managing bamboo resources, processing techniques, marketing strategies, and future growth projections.

In conclusion, the revival of the bamboo industry marks a promising future for Fiji. This initiative, if successfully implemented, will not only yield economic benefits, but will also contribute towards the sustainability of the country’s ecology, while positioning Fiji as a player in the global bamboo market.


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