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World Rugby Reveals New Points System

World Rugby, the international governing body for the sport, has announced a new method for scoring in rugby games. This change is designed to alter the way players approach games, encouraging them to go for tries instead of doing what’s been typical practice: focusing more on penalty goals.

World Rugby’s Experimental Scoring System

Under the experimental scoring system, the value of tries is enhanced while drop goals and penalties are devalued. This new system is expected to promote more proactive and exciting gameplay. A try now equals six points, with conversion maintaining its valued two points. That boosts a converted try’s total points to eight. On the contrary, the scoring for penalties and drop goals has been lowered to two points from three.

Previous Points System

This change represents a shift from the traditional scoring system where a try was worth five points while conversions, penalty goals, and drop goals were each worth three.

World Rugby’s Motivation for Change

World Rugby aims to promote a more dynamic and appealing form of rugby, with a greater focus on scoring tries. This is expected to facilitate a more expansive, running style of play, moving away from the more conservative game often seen due to the significant weight previously put on penalty goals.

Departure from Traditional Scoring Methods

While this change marks a departure from conventional scoring methods in rugby, it comes after extensive discussions and research carried out by World Rugby. Part of this research involved trialing the new system in domestic competitions. The organization is keen to balance maintaining the game’s traditional values while also constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of modern audiences.

Trial Phase at U20 Championship

The new points system will have its first global test during the U20 Championship scheduled for September 2021. Players, fans, and stakeholders will be keenly observing how this new system influences the dynamics and outcomes of games.

Aiming for a Bigger Impact

World Rugby’s latest initiative is aimed at having a transformative impact on the sport, potentially fostering a new culture and style of play globally. With the adoption of this new scoring system, the governing body seems to be pushing the envelope to ensure rugby remains engaging and relevant in a rapidly changing sporting landscape.


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