Nationwide School Closures on March 20, Wednesday

Fiji Schools to Close Nationwide on March 20

In an important announcement, all schools across Fiji will be closing their doors on Wednesday, March 20.

National effort to ensure student safety

The directive is part of a national strategy designed to ensure the safety of all students during a period of uncertain climate conditions. The decision was not taken lightly, but it’s a necessary measure to preclude potential risks to the children in all regions of the country.

Schools closed obviate potential risk to students

While this move may come as a surprise to some, it has been taken in the best interest of the students. Schools will remain closed until further notice as authorities monitor the situation closely and evaluate appropriate next steps.

Parents and guardians urged to cooperate

All parents and guardians are being asked to cooperate with this directive and ensure their child remains home on the designated day to promote their safety. This unexpected school closure might indeed present challenges to some families, yet the priority is the safety and welfare of students across the nation.

Preparing for potential weather threats

While the reason for the school’s closure wasn’t specifically cited, recent reports suggest that the country is preparing for unpredictable weather conditions. Experts are advising locals to remain vigilant and stay updated with official announcements regarding the situation.

In conclusion, all schools in Fiji will be closed for one day on March 20 to ensure the safety of students. As the nation braces in the face of expected climate challenges, parents and communities need to cooperate with the authorities to ensure the wellbeing of all under their care.

Future updates regarding the reopening of the schools will be communicated in due course, and until then, everyone is urged to remain vigilant and stay safe.


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