Rise in Sports Tourism in Fiji Driven by Drua

Fiji Rugby’s Drua Fuels a Surge in Sports Tourism

Fiji’s Rugby franchise, Fiji Drua, is making waves in the sports world and driving up sports tourism in the country, providing a boost to the local economy and tourism sector following the COVID-19-induced slump.

Fiji Drua In Super Rugby Pacific Competition

Fiji Drua is set to participate in the Super Rugby Pacific competition, one of rugby’s most prestigious competitions, in 2022. The move raises Fiji’s profile for both sports, and tourism, drawing rugby enthusiasts and fans from around the world.

Inaugural Entry: Boost for Local Economy

Fiji Drua’s historic entry into the Super Rugby Pacific competition marks not just a milestone for Fijian Rugby, but is also a vital push for the local economy. The franchise is drawing significant international attention and is generating greater visibility for the nation as an attractive tourism destination.

Partnerships with Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji

Fiji Drua’s successful bid for Super Rugby Pacific competition was orchestrated in collaboration with key partners such as Fiji Airways, the national airline, and Tourism Fiji, the government’s agency responsible for promoting tourism. These collaborations reinforce the connectivity between sports and tourism, offering considerable opportunities for growth in both arenas.

Anticipated Overall Benefits To The Country

The franchise’s debut on the Super Rugby stage is anticipated to spur significant socio-economic benefits for Fiji. This includes stimulating job creation, increasing inbound flights and hotel occupancy rates, and boosting spending in the local economy. It’s also predicted to enhance Fiji’s global image as a top-notch rugby destination as well as a paradise for tourists.

Tourism in Post-COVID Era

As Fiji and the world grapple with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the upswing in sports tourism fueled by popular franchises like Fiji Drua could play a pivotal role in helping the tourism sector rebound. Promotion of G-sports events, like the Super Rugby Pacific competition, further reinforces Fiji’s brand as an exciting destination for both adventure and relaxation.


In conclusion, the inclusion of Fiji Drua in the Super Rugby Pacific competition comes as a significant opportunity for Fiji. It represents the power sports franchises hold in driving economic growth and strengthening national identity. As Fiji continues its recovery efforts post-pandemic, initiatives like these demonstrate the potential to revive tourism and reinvigorate the nation’s economy.

Source: https://islandsbusiness.com/latest-magazine-articles/drua-drive-sports-tourism-upsurge-in-fiji/

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