Baber Joins FRU Team

Fiji Rugby Union Hires Gareth Baber

The Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) has enlisted the expertise of Gareth Baber to drive the national team forward. The move is a necessary one as FRU aims to sustain the momentum built in recent competitive seasons.

Gareth Baber’s Role with Fiji National Team

The highly respected Welsh rugby coach with notable track record, Gareth Baber, has been appointed by the FRU to push the national team towards greater outcomes. Baber is expected to bring his extensive experience and technical know-how to the table, offering strategic guidance to the team and working towards improving their overall performance.

FRU’s Confidence in Baber

The decision to bring Baber on board is reflective of FRU’s confidence in his abilities to steer the national team in the right direction. Baber has previously shown impressive performance in similar roles, a fact that greatly appeals to the FRU as they look to build on recent successes.

Building on Recent Success

The FRU is keen to build on the recent success of the national team who, despite some challenges, have maintained a credible performance in recent times. The union sees Baber as a vital piece of the puzzle in their bid to maintain this positive momentum moving forward.


The addition of Gareth Baber to the Fiji Rugby Union is expected to fortify the team’s performance, given Baber’s reputation and track record in rugby coaching. The FRU, confident in Baber’s abilities, hopes that his input will translate into more significant achievements for the national team.


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