Need for Collective Action to Combat Drug Abuse

Call for United Effort to Tackle Drug Issue

Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho, the Defence Permanent Secretary, has emphasized the need for collective action to address drug problems in Fiji. He asserts that eradication of drugs is not solely a matter to be handled by law enforcement, but a shared responsibility of society as a whole.

Elimination of Drugs is a Community’s Shared Responsibility

Permanent Secretary Qiliho urges all parties to lend their cooperative efforts to counter the country’s drug menace. He stresses that every Fijian possesses the responsibility to keep the young generation safe from the devastating impact of drugs.

Country’s Battle Against Unlawful Drugs

Fiji has been grappling with the illicit drug problem for a long time. Earlier instances of marijuana plantations found on various islands and exponential growth in methamphetamine cases highlight the gravity of the issue. To address this, the government has been taking significant steps such as equipping law enforcement with military-grade drones to locate and eradicate drug plantations.

Collective Measures to Fight Drug Menace

Permanent Secretary Qiliho calls for a united front to tackle the drug problem efficiently. He claims that collective action is the key to overcoming this issue, mentioning that prevention programs, awareness, and intelligence-driven operations are imperative to the fight against drugs.

Educational Institutions Stepping Up

Schools and universities are playing their part with drug awareness programs. These initiatives educate the youth about the potential adverse effects of drugs on their health and future, in an attempt to deter them from their use.

Effort Towards a Drug-Free Future

Permanent Secretary Qiliho is hopeful about the future, as long as the Fijian community continues to come together in their effort to combat drug abuse. By taking shared responsibility for this issue, Fiji can reduce the damaging effects of drugs on society and ensure a healthier, safer future for its people.

Role of the Online Community

The internet is also recognized as a key player in these collective efforts. As a primary source of information for many, online platforms hold the potential to facilitate comprehensive anti-drug campaigns and spread awareness about the adverse impacts of drug use.


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