Federation Commits $10k Funding for Convention

Federation Donates $10K to Support Convention

The Ba Provincial Freebird Institute Ex-students Association (BFIESA) has received generous financial aid from a longtime associate. The Ba Provincial Holdings Company Federation pledging support of $10,000 to the Association for their upcoming event.

Details of the Pledge

In a public announcement, the Company Director of Ba Provincial Holdings Company, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu assured BFIESA of the company’s support towards their convention. He justifies the pledge by acknowledging the crucial role played by the Institute and the students in the overall progression of the Province.

Implications of the Funding

The funds announced by the Federation will greatly support in the execution of the BFIESA’s annual convention. This gathering plays an important role in maintaining social unity, accepting suggestions and ideas for improvement and discussing the way forward for development plans of the province.

Acknowledgment from the BFIESA

The Chairman of BFIESA, Apisalome Tudreu expressed appreciation to the Federation for their continued support. He emphasized on the importance of the convention for unifying ex-students and charting a progressive route for the Province. Additionally, he urged all stakeholders to come forward and extend their support in any possible way.

In conclusion, this hefty donation will undoubtedly assist the Association in successfully conducting their annual convention, while striving towards a promising future for the Ba Province.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/federation-pledges-10k-for-convention/

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