Naupoto Claims Fiji Experiencing Another Wave of Exodus and Brain Drain

Key Takeaways from “Fiji Experiencing a Brain Drain and Large-scale Emigration, Reports Naupoto”

  1. The Republic of Fiji is once again battling the issues of emigration and brain drain, as reported by Filimone Naupoto, according to Asia Pacific Report.
  2. Government officials, referring to this trend as “Brain Gain,” understate the particular gravity of this problem and its implications for the nation’s future.
  3. The exodus and brain drain phenomenon has been a recurring issue in Fiji; in 2007, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) stated that Fiji had lost more than half of its skilled professionals to overseas jobs.
  4. , 2024, might be an especially challenging year for the country because of the imminent arrival of the fourth wave of Covid-19. As Fiji grapples to maintain its health system under pressure, the escalating emigration problem could potentially exacerbate existing difficulties.
  5. The government’s response to Covid-19, as well as its economic policies, have been criticized as contributing factors to the issues.

Fiji Struggles with Recurring Emigration and Brain Drain

According to a report from the Asia Pacific Report, Fiji is once again witnessing significant levels of emigration and a considerable brain drain. The nation’s skilled professionals are leaving in large numbers, as stated by Filimone Naupoto.

Lack of Severity Recognition deemed as “Brain Gain”

Authorities, seemingly downplaying the situation, are viewing the steep departure of skilled Fiji nationals as “brain gain,” an understatement that overlooks the primary consequence of this trend – the dwindling of the nation’s intellectual resources.

Fiji’s History of Recurring Brain Drain

This is not a new phenomenon for Fiji; the UNDP warned in 2007 that more than half of Fiji’s qualified professionals had sought work overseas. The problem appears to have resurfaced and reached significant proportions again.

The Perfect Storm: Covid-19 Pressure and Emigration Woes

The imminent approach of a fourth Covid-19 wave in 2024 could compound Fiji’s existing struggles. As the healthcare system tries to cope with pandemic pressures, the escalating brain drain and migration could potentially intensify the country’s predicaments.

Government Policies Under Criticism

The government’s economic strategies and its response to Covid-19 are facing criticism. These factors, along with others, are believed to have fueled the increasing exodus and intellectual depletion plaguing Fiji.