Authorities Discover Bodies, Seek Public Help for Information

Key Points

1. The discovery of two dead bodies in Lautoka has prompted an investigation by Fiji Police.
2. The deceased, aged 33 and 34, were identified as brothers from Votualevu in Nadi.
3. The bodies were found near Lautoka, Fiji’s second-largest city, with noticeable signs of injury.
4. Police found an iQOS device, lighter, wallet, and other personal effects near the scene.
5. The motive behind the killings and the details are still under investigation.
6. Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident to come forward to aid the ongoing investigation.

Fiji Police Launch Investigation Following Discovery of Two Bodies

Fiji Police have instigated an inquiry following the finding of two dead bodies in Lautoka, Fiji’s second-largest city. The deceased, identified as two brothers aged 33 and 34 from Votualevu, were found nearby with noticeable signs of injury.

Details on Scene

Located near the bodies were a set of personal effects including an iQOS device, a lighter, and a wallet. However, the motive behind the killings is still unclear, and police are continuing their investigation in an attempt to piece together the events leading to the deaths.

Call for Public Assistance

Given the mysterious nature of the incident, the police are now calling for the public’s assistance. They are urging anyone with any information related to the case to step forward. The collaboration of the public can be crucial in unfolding the mystery of the incident and bringing to justice whoever is responsible.