Innovative Workshop Sparks Leadership Renewal

A three-day workshop aimed at fostering innovation and generating fresh perspectives on service and leadership among the 14 provincial offices and Provincial Councils is currently being held at the Harbor Point Convention Center in Lami.

This workshop marks the first occasion where all Roko Tui and Provincial Council Chairmen have gathered to discuss their roles and responsibilities within the provinces.

In his address, the Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Ifwereimi Vasu, expressed deep appreciation for the significant responsibilities these leaders undertake and underscored the critical importance of their contributions.

The Minister stressed the necessity for new ideas and visions, noting that current efforts do not effectively serve the needs of the Roko Tui, Provincial Councils, and their administrations.

Vasu referenced a Fijian phrase, “We cannot wake a woke child,” to emphasize the urgent need for changes in service. He also urged Roko Tui and Provincial Council offices and officers to be prepared and adaptable to meet evolving needs.

Additionally, he announced support from Merchant Finance Limited for resource owners and assistance from the iTaukei Trust Fund Board to help provincial businesses explore new initiatives.

The three-day workshop will conclude tomorrow.

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