FTUC Advocates for Equitable Discussion on Minimum Wage

Fiji Trades Union Congress Brings Forward Minimum Wage Discussions

The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) is insisting on open discussions concerning a reasonable minimum wage. This demand comes amidst controversy involving a recently conducted survey purported to support the current wage. The congress has expressed skepticism over the preliminary findings of this survey, with the National Secretary, Felix Anthony, calling for transparency and insight into the methodology applied.

Scepticism over Minimum Wage Survey

The survey reported that 78% of Fijians are satisfied with the current minimum wage. The FTUC, however, doubts the validity of these findings suggesting that the data collected may not truly represent the sentiments of the working class. Anthony indicated that the minimum wage, which currently stands at $2.68, is inadequate to meet the basic needs of workers, and proposed a review for an increase to $4.

Employers’ Attitude towards Minimum Wage Increase

The FTUC asserts that employers’ refusal to raise the minimum wage is contributing to the struggle faced by workers in Fiji. The employers, according to Anthony, continue to prioritise profits while ignoring the socio-economic realities faced by their employees.

The congress is advocating for an economy that benefits all parties and is reflective of the principles of social justice. Furthermore, the FTUC is insisting on the urgent re-evaluation of Fiji’s minimum wage going beyond mere survival but to decent living standards for all workers.

Push for Open Dialogue on Minimum Wage

In a bid to formulate an equitable minimum wage policy, the FTUC is calling for more dialogue and transparency. Anthony invites the ILO (International Labour Organisation), the government, and the employer’s federation into discussions. The purpose is to determine a fair minimum wage that ensures social justice, factoring in not only inflation and cost of living but also elements of dignity and decency for work.

Intended Uprising Continues

The proposed nationwide strike by the FTUC continues to be a possibility if their demands for fair wage discussions are not met. Anthony reiterates that the congress is undeterred in its fight for a suitable minimum wage irrespective of the challenges and calls on workers to stand firm in their demands for improved financial conditions.

In conclusion, the showdown on minimum wage in Fiji appears set to continue, with the FTUC unwavering in its demand for fair wage discussions and an economy that benefits everyone. The prevailing sentiment within the congress is a drive towards transparency, social justice, and improved living standards for all workers.

Source: https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/news/ftuc-pushes-for-fair-minimum-wage-discussions/

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