Foundation Releases Report on Waste Collection

Fiji: Launch of a Comprehensive Report on Waste Collection by the Goundar Shipping Foundation

The Goundar Shipping Foundation in Fiji has recently launched a detailed report on waste collection. The report was introduced with a prime focus on improving waste management and treatment especially in maritime provinces.

Goundar Shipping’s Battle Against Waste

Mr. George Goundar, the Managing Director of Goundar Shipping, mentioned his company’s interest in identifying ways to eradicate the increasing trend of disposal waste directly into the sea, which has started adversely affecting the maritime environment.

The new report is a representation of the Foundation’s genuine dedication towards upgrading waste management facilities why implementing innovative options of handling waste sensitively.

Cooperation with Maritime Safety Authority

Evidently, there’s a resilient collaboration in the works between Goundar Shipping and the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF). They aim to work together to progressively regulate the waste collection process, in an attempt to lessen the risks to sea life and the surrounding maritime environment.

The chief executive officer of MSAF, Mr. Simon Gravenall, has expressed gratitude towards the shipping company for its commendable efforts in the contribution towards minimizing the impact of waste on the maritime environment.

Efforts Towards Wealth Creation from Waste Materials

The Goundar Shipping Foundation is also looking into various ways to convert waste materials into a useful resource. If successful, it could potentially lead to wealth generation while still solving environmental problems.

The waste collection report is seen as a stepping-stone for the foundation in its journey to make the maritime provinces waste-free and also to uplift the standard of living for the people of Fiji.

Goundar Shipping Committed to Sustainable Solutions

In conclusion, Goundar Shipping Foundation is entirely devoted to offering sustainable solutions for waste management. It recognizes the critical need of our times for better waste management, and, thus, leaves no stone unturned to ensure the well-being of the maritime environment and its inhabitants. The launch of their waste collection report is a milestone in their pursuit of environmental sustainability.


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