Former Military Commander Slams Critic’s Insensitive Remarks

In an emotional address to Parliament, former Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Commander Viliame Naupoto criticized comments made against peacekeeping as “insensitive”.

“To say peacekeeping is useless is to infer that the soldiers who happen to be sons, husbands, fathers, who paid the ultimate sacrifice by serving in the various peacekeeping missions died in vain,” said the Independent parliamentarian during the debate on the 2024-2025 Budget. “It is a desecration of the sacred memories of these brave soldiers. How dare you say that peacekeeping is useless.”

Mr. Naupoto, previously a member of FijiFirst, expressed his disagreement with former FijiFirst MP Shalen Kumar, who suggested reallocating peacekeeping funds to the police force. “During one of the post-budget dialogues, a professor stated, and I quote, ‘peacekeeping is useless.’ Such an insensitive comment. My disappointment also lies in the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister did not defend peacekeepers during that discussion, and the Minister responsible for RFMF has remained silent on the matter.”

“I may be biased because I’m a former peacekeeper, but I’m not the only one in this Parliament,” Naupoto continued. “There are thousands of others and their families outside this Parliament who would feel the same. Peacekeeping is never useless because through Fiji’s participation in missions around the world, Fiji’s voice is heard and Fiji commands respect on the world stage.”

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