“Fiji Parliamentarian Criticizes 2024-2025 Budget”

Independent parliamentarian Premila Kumar has criticized the Coalition Government’s 2024-2025 Budget, describing it as “myopic, inequitable, and neglectful.”

Speaking during a House debate yesterday, Ms. Kumar argued that the budget reveals how out of touch the government is with the real needs of the people.

“This budget is myopic because it heavily relies on tourism,” Ms. Kumar stated during the parliamentary debate on the 2024-2025 Budget. “This short-sightedness leaves our nation vulnerable to global market conditions.”

She further criticized the budget as being inequitable, citing a lack of fair distribution of wealth and resources. “I expected a fair distribution to reduce inequality between the haves and have-nots,” she remarked. “However, it neglects low-wage workers and pensioners.”

Ms. Kumar questioned the adequacy of the support provided to these groups, asking, “Does the Government truly believe a fifty-cent increase per hour is enough to keep a roof over the head and put food on the table?”

Moreover, she labeled the budget as neglectful, pointing out its failure to address critical issues such as the exodus of skilled workers, stimulating private sector growth, and tackling the high cost of living.

“These are the critical issues affecting our nation,” she concluded.

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