Fiji Tourism’s Top 5 Tips for Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Fiji Celebrates International Day of Happiness

In recognition of the International Day of Happiness, Tourism Fiji highlighted the country’s ranking as the happiest country in the world.

Fiji’s Happiness Index

According to the annual Gallup International’s Global Emotions Report, Fiji has been named several times as the happiest country globally. The nation’s high happiness score is attributed to its warm, welcoming locals, stunning landscapes, and traditions of maintaining a peaceful and positive approach to life.

Usually, on International Day of Happiness, Fiji hosts the annual “Bulanaires” event to share messages of happiness with the world. However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic situation, this year, the event was turned into a virtual program.

Fiji ‘Bulanaires’

In the Fijian language, a ‘Bulanaire’ is a person who is rich in happiness. To honor this term, Fiji initiated the ‘Bulanaires’ program, where individuals from around the world share their wisdom and experiences on leading a happy life. This program aims to inspire others to practice a happy and positive lifestyle despite the ongoing global challenges.

Notable figures who have previously partaken as ‘Bulanaires’ include a Fijian high school principal, who leads well-being and mindfulness practices within her school, and a Canadian gentleman who overcame personal struggles and now advocates for mental health.

Virtual Bulanaires Event

The virtual Bulanaires event on the International Day of Happiness was filled with enlightening and encouraging messages from diverse global figures. The event was freely accessible to anyone worldwide and encouraged attendees to share their happiness wisdom.

Wrap Up

As the world’s happiest country, Fiji continues to make significant contributions to spreading happiness globally through uplifting events like the Bulanaires program. Despite current global adversities, they reinforce the importance of maintaining positivity and happiness, proven to be a driving force for personal and societal growth.


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