Fiji Tourism Announces Launch of Second Coral Gene Bank at VOMO Island

Tourism Fiji Inaugurates Second Coral Gene Bank Sculpture at VOMO Island

In an initiative aimed at boosting conservation efforts, Tourism Fiji unveiled the second “Counting Coral” Sculptural Coral Gene Bank at Vomo Island. This installation is part of a broader effort to safeguard the island’s fragile marine ecosystems.

Details of the Sculpture Initiative

The project, organized in collaboration with Counting Coral, Ocean Ambassadors, and Reef Ecologic, was brilliantly brought to life by Jason deCairs Taylor, with sponsorship from the Priam Group. This new underwater structure boasts of over a hundred types of robust, heat-tolerant coral, which will not just contribute to coral conservation also aid in coral gene storage.

Counting Coral and the Importance of Coral Gene Banks

The Counting Coral initiative is an innovative project that uses art to highlight the critical role of coral reefs in maintaining marine biodiversity. Coral gene banks like the one installed at Vomo Island function as repositories for heat resistant corals that can potentially revive bleached reefs.

Local Involvement and Future Projects

Equally noteworthy was the involvement of the local community in the project. The people of Vomo Island contributed to this effort, displaying their commitment to a sustainable future.

In the coming years, Tourism Fiji intends to construct additional underwater “Museums of the Future” to further emphasize the significance of coral conservation. These future endeavors will focus on enhancing the resilience of the coral reefs and boosting the diversity of marine life.

Role of Tourism Fiji in the Conservation Efforts

Tourism Fiji’s goal is to encourage responsible tourism by launching such conservation initiatives. Protecting the island’s marine life forms a crucial part of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the launch of this second coral gene bank, Tourism Fiji has underlined its commitment to preserving the nation’s unique marine environment for future generations.


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