Fiji National University Highlighted by FISU Oceania

The Oceania Region’s first virtual forum

The Oceania Region has successfully conducted its first virtual forum aboard the collaboration of Fiji National University (FNU) and the International University Sports Federation – Oceania (FISU – Oceania). The forum aims to foster fruitful discussions of “University Sport, Sustainable Development, and Leadership.”

FISU Oceania’s commitment to university sports

FISU Oceania, the regional body of the International University Sports Federation, reaffirmed its commitment to university sports by acknowledging the ongoing global pandemic’s challenges. The body held the forum to facilitate productive discussions around sustainable development and leadership in university sports, notwithstanding the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic.

ACTION framework at the centre of discussions

Discussions focused on the “ACTION” framework – an acronym for Act, Cooperate, Transform, Inspire, Organise, and Nurture – which FISU has designed to promote student participation in sports and fitness activities worldwide. This architecture aims at overall development and practical engagement of participants in the sports domain, taking into account the critical role of sports in nurturing leadership qualities among students.

Support from Fiji National University

Fiji National University (FNU) played a pivotal role in the forum’s successful facilitation. FNU’s Dean of College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Dr. Shaista Shameem, highlighted Fiji’s cultural activities, known as “meke,” which exhibits a combination of dance and storytelling that helps to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

Importance of sustainable development and leadership

FISU Oceania and FNU emphasized that sustainable development and leadership are crucial to the successful functioning of university sports. By encouraging a dialogue on these topics, they aim to foster a sports culture that motivates students’ participation, while engendering values of teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance.

Joint commitment to promote university sports

FISU Oceania and FNU have reaffirmed their commitment to promoting sports at university levels. By hosting a forum despite the ongoing pandemic, they showed their resilient spirit and determination to foster an environment in which university students can effectively participate in sports, thereby fostering their overall development and leadership skills.

Future plans of FISU Oceania and FNU

FISU Oceania and FNU have expressed their intent to continue collaborating in order to promote university sports. They plan to conduct more forums in the future, emphasizing university sports’ importance, sustainable development, and leadership.


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