Consult the Fijian Government Regarding Activities of National, Fugang

Fugang: A Fijian Citizen says Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy has clarified the nationality of Mr. Fugang, asserting he is a Fijian citizen and any inquiry regarding his operations should be directed to the Fijian government. They dismissed allegations that Fugang is under Chinese authority.

No Further Comment from Chinese Embassy

When probed for more information on Fugang amid the recent controversy, the Chinese Embassy declined to provide further comment. They maintained that Fugang’s nationality is Fijian and his activities correspond to the jurisdiction of the Fijian government.

Fugang’s Nationality Questioned

Question about Fugang’s nationality arose after he was wrongly suggested to be a Chinese diplomat in debates around a case where the Ministry of Health had gone to a property where he was allegedly staying. An officer ended up being assaulted and Fugang was thereafter linked to the incident.

Fugang’s Association with Controversial Incidents

Apart from this, Fugang has also been associated with multiple controversial incidents in the past. For instance, he was tied to the incident at the navua property, owned by the Director of Taveuni Development Company, Salendra Sen. This incident ended up with Fugang accused of multiple counts of assault causing bodily harm.

The Silence of Fijian Government

Despite all the controversies surrounding Fugang, the Fijian government remains mute on the matter. While questions regarding Fugang’s operations are being raised, no comment has been forthcoming from the Fijian government.

Speculations over Fugang’s Business Operations

There are speculations surrounding the nature of Fugang’s business operations, including possible dealings in the land and property sectors, as well as his associations with prominent figures. All these have raised questions about the extent and nature of his activities.

Fijian Government’s Accountability Extends to Fugang

With the Chinese Embassy’s clarification on Fugang’s nationality, it is now clear that any inquiry regarding Fugang’s activities falls within the purview of the Fijian government. As such, the government’s accountability extends to dealing with issues related to Fugang and his operations.


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