Fiji Muslim League Partner with FCCC for Proper ‘Halal’ Certification Usage

Fiji Commerce Commission and Fiji Muslim League Team Up for Halal Certifications

The Fiji Commerce Commission (FCCC) has joined forces with the Fiji Muslim League (FML) to ensure the proper usage of Halal certifications within the country. This collaboration was instigated to primarily reassure Muslim consumers about the authenticity of Halal products.

Intention behind Collaboration

The main objective behind this partnership is to maintain the credibility of Halal certifications in Fiji and to ensure that Muslim consumers are not misled by inauthentic Halal products. The FCCC CEO, Joel Abraham, acknowledged that they decided to work together due to a growing need for such a unified approach. He further emphasized the essential role of the Halal certification for the Muslim community.

Joel Abraham on Trust and Confidence

Abraham mentioned that it is paramount to maintain and boost the consumers’ faith. The partnership aims at guaranteeing that products labeled as Halal are indeed compliant with Halal standards. In their joint effort, the FCCC and FML intend to reassure the Muslim community that these products are legitimate and their consumption is in accordance with Islamic laws.

Working Toward Transparency

Both the FCCC and the FML are working towards increasing transparency and ensuring that businesses are abiding by Halal regulations. Disclosing full details about the supply chains of Halal products is an integral part of this process.

Halal Certifications: An Integral Part

Halal certifications are a critical aspect of the food culture in Fiji’s Muslim community. The partnership between FCCC and FML seeks to uphold the highest level of trust and integrity in the supply of Halal products.

The Fiji Muslim League’s Stance

The Fiji Muslim League has recognised that the collaboration with FCCC is an important step to ensure trust in Halal certified products. They believe that this will not only guarantee the religious requirements of the Muslim community but will also open up the Halal market to non-Muslims who seek out such products.

Conclusion of the Fiji Muslim League

The Fiji Muslim League’s partnership with FCCC is a proactive measure to uphold the integrity of Halal products. They expressed their faith in this partnership to promote transparency, enhance credibility of Halal certifications and ultimately benefit the consumers.


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