Ex-Reps Enhance Netball Initiative

Former Players Enhance Fiji’s Netball Prospects

Fiji’s ambitious efforts to improve its netball presence will significantly benefit from the experience and expertise of former national players. These distinguished former athletes are now being recognized for their valuable contributions to the country’s renewed netball campaign.

Ex-athletes Join the Development Effort

The after-sport career paths of these netball veterans have opened exciting, new avenues. Many have embraced coaching roles or assumed positions in development programs, bringing their impressive stretches of competitive careers to enrich the current game landscape.

Alysia Sing’s Remarkable Pursuit

Former national captain Alysia Sing is among these specialist contributors. Sing, known for steering Fiji to the Pacific Netball Series title back in 2009, holds invaluable insights to shape up a winning team. Her admirable persistence beyond active-play forms a core part of Fiji’s promising netball roadmap.

Targeting Grassroots and Community

Sing and the other former athletes are heavily investing their time and energy in grassroots and community-level netball. They are nurturing Fiji’s netball prospects from the foundation, helping to develop a robust pipeline of talent that is set to ensure a prosperous future for the sport in the country.

Netball Fiji’s Appreciation

Netball Fiji expressed its gratitude for the committed involvement of these retired athletes. Specifically, the organization appreciated the profound effect their first-hand experience of international competition has in enriching contemporary strategies. The body recognized these former representatives as integral parts of the country’s broader netball ecology.

This dedication symbolizes a new era of netball advancement—a spark of rejuvenation. It is hoped that their intensified efforts, coupled with fresh insights, could help lift Fiji’s netball profile to unparalleled heights.

Source: https://www.fijitimes.com.fj/former-reps-boost-netball-bid/

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