Drug Crisis Concern: Is Fiji’s Battle Against Drugs Effective?

The drug situation in Fiji has escalated beyond control, asserted Opposition Member of Parliament and former police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua. He questioned whether the efforts of the police and government were adequate to address the crisis.

Naivalurua proposed the formation of a joint parliamentary committee to evaluate the implementation and progress of the National Narcotics Counter Strategy.

Minister for Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua expressed support for Naivalurua’s suggestion. “This is a very important and emotional issue for me,” Tikoduadua stated. “I am telling Fiji that we need help. We need to fix it. We are doing something about it and we are passionate about it.”

Tikoduadua emphasized that the government is dedicated to creating a safer environment for all Fijians by combating the threat of illicit drugs. He acknowledged the establishment of the narcotics bureau as a positive move but pointed out the prevalence of drugs on the streets.

Naivalurua continued to question whether current efforts were sufficient to match the crisis. “Much of the counter-narcotics strategy still needs funding. The launch is a positive step, but will the strategies effectively disrupt the flow and use of drugs?” he asked.

He further inquired if the strategy would serve as a deterrent to syndicates exploiting Fiji’s borders and resources and if it would foster a national consciousness urging everyone to combat the issue together. Naivalurua emphasized that the battle against drugs needs a vigorous and immediate, not bureaucratic, response, and that actions taken must be proactive and precise.

Tikoduadua reiterated his commitment to resolving the issue, reflecting on past government reluctance to seek help. “Now, I am telling Fiji that we need help. We need to fix it. So, I want to say we are doing something about it, and we are passionate about it,” he said.

The government remains committed to eradicating the menace of illicit drugs and ensuring the safety of all Fijians.

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